Milestones in the history of the University

1913 — Teacher Training Institute was opened in Mogilev, being the first special pedagogical establishment in the region

1918 — Teacher Training Institute was transformed into Pedagogical Institute — a higher educational establishment with a four-year term of study

1919-1923 — Pedagogical Institute was renamed into Institute of Public Education with a broader profile of graduates

1923 — The Institute was temporarily closed

1930 — Mogilev State Pedagogical Institute was re-opened having 2 departments (History and Economics and Literature and Language). The Institute occupied a building in Leninskaya Street

1934 — Departments were renamed into Faculties. 3 faculties were founded (of History, Geography and Language and Literature)

1941 — More than 2,000 students were trained and about 70 teachers worked at the Institute

1941—1944 — The study at the Institute was interrupted by the Great Patriotic War

1944 — After the liberation of the city, Mogilev State Pedagogical Institute resumed its work

1949 — The Faculty of Physics and Mathematics was founded (now it’s the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)

1958 — The Faculty of Pedagogics and Methods of Primary Education was founded (now it’s the Faculty of Primary and Music Education)

1971 — A new educational building was opened in Kosmonavtov Street

1975 — The diploma of the Faculty of History graduate was received by Alexander Lukashenko who later became the first President of the Republic of Belarus

1978 — Mogilev State Pedagogical Institute was named after the Belarusian literature classic Arkady Kuleshov

1980 — The Faculty of Pre-School education (now it’s the Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology of Childhood) and the Physical Training Faculty were founded

Mid-1980s — Mogilev State A. Kuleshov Pedagogical Institute became the best among all pedagogical institutes in the USSR for three times

1990 — The Faculty of Biology was founded (now it’s the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)

1997 — Mogilev State A. Kuleshov Pedagogical Institute was transformed into Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University

1998 — The Faculty of Economics and Law and the Faculty of Foreign Languages were founded

2015 — The Faculty of History and Philology and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences were founded

2018 — Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University celebrates its 105th anniversary

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