The educational centre of the German language and culture

The head — Protasova N.A., phone No. +375296260431 dc

General information
The centre was founded in September, 28, 2010. At the opening ceremony there were the vice-chancellor of MSU A.V. Ivanov, the dean of the foreign languages faculty D.S. Lavrinovich, the representative of the German embassy in RB Peter Detmar, the head of DAAD in Minsk Michael Kless, the deputy head of DAAD in Minsk Svetlana Petrovich.

The main spheres of activity:

  • The development and consolidation of teachers and lecturers of the German language and philology co-operation
  • Taking part in the events arranged by the German Embassy in the RB, the Gete Institute in Minsk, the German organization of academic exchange DAAD
  • Methodological seminars for the German language teachers
  • Making connections with educational establishments in German speaking countries
  • Raising the motivation of the German language learning

Contact data:  the department of foreign languages, +375222 283505



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