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The head of the centre:  Budkova Larisa Illarionovna
Tel.:  +375 (222) 28-31-51
E-mail:  alexpzn@mail. rualexpzn@yandex. ru


About the publishing centre

In October 2002 the editing-publishing department and the laboratory of operative polygraphy were united into the editing-publishing centre.

In June 2008 the centre was reorganized. The editorial office of the newspaper “Universitetsky Vestnik” (“The University Bulletin”) was introduced. The department of marketing started its functioning with the bookshop “Mir znaniy” (“The World of Knowledge”) and the printing office “KosmoPrint”.


On the first of January 2013 the editing-publishing centre got its new name of “the publishing centre”. Its major objective is to provide students and teachers of the university with scientific, educational, methodological and reference literature indispensible for effective studies.

This objective is accomplished by the editing-publishing department, the departments of operative polygraphy and marketing. Today the publishing centre is well-equipped and has enough creative potential to:


  • publish educational and scientific literature, methodological and reference books;
  • issue periodicals, i.e. 4 series of the scientific and methodological journal “Vestnik MDU imia A.A. Kuliashova” (Series A. History, Philosophy, Philology; Series B. Mathematics, Physics, Biology; Series C. Pedagogy, Psychology, Methodology; Series D. Economics, Sociology, Law) and the newspaper “Universitetsky Vestnik”;
  • draw up publishing plans in consultation with the university faculties, departments and library and monitor usage of the published books as well as selling new copies;
  • copy official documents;
  • design and publish forms;
  • manage wholesale and retail trade of the books published by the publishing centre and publishing houses in Russia and Belarus, of stationery;
  • provide services requiring payment: black-and-white and colour Xerox copying, computer services..

The staff of the editing-publishing centre includes more than 20 efficient editors, proof-readers, engineers, economists, technicians, bookbinders, commodity experts. Among them there are the university graduates and students. Experienced and young colleagues work hand in hand to succeed.

The centre takes part in all conferences, seminars and experiments held at the university. The total amount of printed materials has exceeded 1000 printer’s sheets. About 700 printer’s sheets cover educational and methodological issues and more than 300 printer’s sheets display the results of the scientific research.



The scientific and methodological journal “Vestnik MDU imia A.A. Kuliashova” belongs to the list of scientific editions of the Republic of Belarus and displays the results of dissertations in 10 branches of science (Biology, History, Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology, Physics and Mathematics, Philology, Philosophy, Economics, Law). The journal is known in foreign countries. It publishes the works of scientists from Russia, Baltic countries, Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan, China and Belarus.

The quality of published materials and services is constantly increasing as the professional skills, manufacturing capabilities and introduction of modern polygraphic technology are being regularly improved.


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