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September 14, 2010 Commission on International Technical Cooperation at the Council of Ministers of Belarus approved Tempus project "Implementation of tools and policies to improve the quality of education at the institutional level". The Project Coordinator in Belarus is the National Technical University. Along with the National Technical University in the working group there are Mogilev State University named after AA Kuleshov (MSU), Vitebsk State University named after PM Masherov (MAD), University of Technology in Stockholm (Sweden), Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy), Technical University of Catalonia (Spain), Tallinn Technical University (Estonia), National Technical University of Ukraine - "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" (Ukraine), National aerospace University "Kharkov Aviation Institute", Kharkov (Ukraine), Sevastopol National University of nuclear Energy and Industry (Ukraine), Fergana Polytechnic Institute (Uzbekistan), Tashkent University of information Technology (Uzbekistan), National University of Uzbekistan.

In general, Tempus program projects help in:

  • modernization of the educational process in the light of European developments;
  • strengthening of university governance structures;
  • improving the training of personnel;
  • strengthening the material-technical base;
  • strengthen research capacity;
  • the expansion of inter-university cooperation;
  • increase the competitiveness of higher education of Belarus on the international market of educational services;
  • adaptation of the higher education of Belarus to the European educational space.

The project has the following aims: to facilitate the implementation of current policies and instruments to ensure the quality of education at universities in Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan, which are in accordance with the documents ENQA and cooperation between participating countries, providing access to modern high-quality programs.

  • Develop opportunities for universities and public organizations of Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan in the field of contemporary policies and instruments on quality assurance in higher education and research;
  • Promote the involvement of students in the process of the quality of education;
  • Develop a quality policy documents and implement the tools of education at various levels of education and research;
  • Prepare recommendations for the implementation of quality tools and education policies in the universities;
  • Raise awareness of the modern tools of education quality and quality policies in partner countries.

During the project implementation at MSU. AA Kuleshov:

  1. A working group was created to implement the goals and objectives of the project.
  2. From June to October 2010 representatives of the university participated in a series of seminars (Stockholm, Barcelona, Turin), where the approaches to quality management system in various European countries were discussed.
  3. In October 2010, at a seminar in Kiev approaches have been indentified for the successful implementation of project goals and objectives.
  4. In September-October 2010, three meetings of the working groups were held. The issues of a rating system for evaluating the performance of departments, faculty members, students (working platform - Faculty of Natural Sciences) were discussed.
  5. Student group was created, which operates within the framework of the project, which represented the university students at the workshop in April 2011 in Sweden.
  6. Procurement of equipment from the Tempus project in the amount of 13 635 euro was implemented.
  7. The materials for participation in the International Scientific Conference "The introduction of modern educational technologies to improve the quality of the educational process." were prepared.

September 28-30, 2011 a working visit was paid to the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) in the TEMPUS-Project SM-159 161 2009 "Implementation of instruments and policies to improve the quality of education at the institutional level." Ongoing projects include the structural TEMPUS-project implementation, implementation of its provisions is broad and gained experience must have spread at a university which has a grant.



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