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Crisis Psychology : practice / comp. by I. V. Cherepanova

UDC 159.9 (076.5)

Crisis Psychology : practice / comp. by I. V. Cherepanova. — Mogilev : Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University, 2020. — 360 p. : ill.

ISBN 978-985-568-615-7

The publication provides the analysis of the theoretical material under discussion, putting into practice the psycho-diagnostic means and methods of crisis intervention in determining negative consequences of post-traumatic stress, loss, violence, suicidal behavior, terrorism. The way of the material presentation is determined by the goals and objectives of the course “Crisis Psychology”, provides a gradual transition from theoretical understanding of the educational material to practical experience.
The publication is addressed to students majoring in “Psychology”, practicing psychologists and related specialists.

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