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Dovgal, D.A. Belarusian Language (Professional Vocabulary): teaching materials

UDC 811.161.3

Dovgal, D. A. Belarusian Language (Professional Vocabulary) : teaching materials / D. A. Dovgal. — 2nd ed., revised and enlarged. — Mogilev : Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University, 2021. — 68 p. : ill.

ISBN 978-985-568-858-8

The publication is intended for full-time and part-time students majoring in 1-03 02 01 “Physical Culture”. It is prepared in accordance with the curriculum of the discipline and contains theoretical information and practical tasks for organizing classroom work and student self-study on the following topics: “Belarusian Language in the System of Universal and National Values”, “Functioning of Belarusian in Bilingualism”, “Lexical System of Belarusian Literary Language”, “Functional Styles of Speech” and “Professional Speech Culture”. The 2nd edition is supplemented with a glossary of basic concepts and terms as well as with topics of oral presentations and abstracts. It is also provided with the list of required literature and references. Addressed to high school students, entrants, teachers of the Belarusian language.


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