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Optics of Nonhomogeneous Structures – 2019: Materials of the V International Scientific Conference

UDC 535.3 + 535.8 + 621.375 + 378.016: 53 (043.2)

Optics of Nonhomogeneous Structures – 2019: Materials of the V International Scientific Conference, Mogilev, May 28–29, 2019 / ed. board: A. B. Sotsky (ex. ed.) [and others]. — Mogilev : Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University, 2019. — 336 p. : ill.

ISBN 978-985-568-602-7

The digest includes the results of experimental and theoretical studies in various areas of modern physical optics: optics of waveguides, thin-film structures and surfaces, nonlinear optical structures and devices based on them, optical methods for studying conditions and materials. The research materials contain recommendations on the practical application of the results in an important modern field of science — nanotechnology, which is of fundamental importance in the creation and improvement of new microelectronic devices, semiconductor structures for the generation of coherent light beams and pulses, the conversion of light into electrical voltage and the transmission of optical signals through waveguides: planar, fiber optic and microstructural. Therefore, the digest may be useful both for researchers and for specialists involved in technical and technological development in the above mentioned areas of research in industry. The digest also includes materials on topical issues of science education.

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